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Reiki Masters Cyndie and Ira Margolis are honored
to offer Reiki Sessions and Classes,
to help you get in touch with
and live from your heart.

(Photos courtesy of LeahAndMark.com)

The Light of Love is the Essence of Who We Are. We are here to live our purpose, step into our power, and be who we are. It is time that we all take responsibility for who we are and the lives we are creating. Being the Light that we are is the most powerful thing that we can do at this time. It is time to wake up to our life's purpose to who we really are.

Our purpose is to help guide you on your path. To help you initiate and enhance your own spiritual guidance for your growth along your path. To help you realize your true potential, to fully empower yourself.

We are here to help you know your hearts desire and truly Live from the Heart, thus creating a state of ...

Being Light

The Light transforms:
Chaos Into Clarity.
Stress Into Peace.
Confusion Into Knowing.

Let us assist you in
Being Light