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Love Offerings

We have found that Love Offerings, or Donations, are a part of the transformational process of Reiki. It tells yourself, and your Higher Self, that you are commiting a part of yourself, your time and your energy, for the higher purposes of transformation and healing.

People ask us what is a good love offering? A good love offering is different for each person. It is up to each person to offer what they feel moved to offer, and what they feel is best to offer given their current financial situation. It is also about what you feel you received from the session, as well as about making a commitment to your healing process.

So, we cannot say what that is for you. Just tune in and follow your heart. You will do just fine.

We are pleased to accept PayPal for your Love Offerings as well. You can use PayPal from here, using your credit card, without setting up your own PayPal account.

To make a Love Offering, please fill in your name and click on the PayPal button below.