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Reiki Master Ira Margolis

Since 1978, when I took the Silva Method, I have been searching for greater meaning in life and expanding my awareness of higher consciousness. This process greatly accelerated in 1988 when I manifested meeting my spiritual partner (now my wife), Cyndie. With her, I started delving into alternative self-healing methods much more deeply, by going to various seminars and workshops using different techniques and philosophies.

In the summer of 1990, while traveling with Cyndie, I became ill in a small town. The only healer in town was a Reiki Master, who shared his wisdom and Reiki with me. I felt better and stronger immediately, well enough to learn Reiki from him the very next day. After years of searching for a healing technique, Reiki found me! Since then, I have used Reiki daily to accelerate my own personal healing and growth.

After working with Reiki for several years, I knew that this was my purpose in life, to spread love and to teach Reiki. I believe in giving people and their families the tools to help them heal themselves. I have dedicated myself to spreading the truth of Reiki. I am honored to give back the gift that was given to me, the gift of healing, the gift of REIKI.

Reiki Master Cyndie Margolis

After attending a conference in Crestone, Colorado, in 1990, I met Reiki Master Bobby Nowell, and had a profound experience of Reiki healing. It was so powerful, that I felt moved to learn Reiki from him the very next day.

Since then, the Reiki energy has enhanced my clarity, and brought about much personal and spiritual growth. It has also helped me increase my clarity and connection with my angels and sprit guides, clear patterns, emotions and issues quicker, and deepen my awareness on how to move forward on my path on all levels. As Reiki flows through me during the day, it helps me to be more balanced and calm throughout my daily activities, and to accomplish my goals much easier.

In 1997, I was initiated into the Master level by Bobby Nowell. I am continuing to train with him to further myself along the path of personal mastery.

I have gotten clear that my purpose is to move into the state of Being Light, and to share that with others. With the gentle energy of Reiki, I have assisted many people with moving through various physical, emotional, and spiritual issues in their everyday lives. I really love sharing Reiki with others, and assisting them with Being Light.